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St. Neots Local History Society




by David Bushby

In the last few years, the Local History Society has been able to add six more plaques to the two already in situ in the town.


The first of these, unveiled on Friday 28th August 2009, was to JAMES TOLLER, the Eynesbury Giant.  28th August is traditionally regarded as the date of his birth.


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last updated 27 July 2021

toller plaque

The plaque, which can be found in a lane off St Mary’s Street (next  to Wheeler's shop), was unveiled by the Mayor, Councillor Gordon Thorpe. Several Toller descendants also attended the ceremony.

Three of the individuals have featured in articles in the Local History Magazine:

‘John Bellingham’ by Les Forscutt and Jean Hawkins, Magazine No 1, Autumn 1982

‘The Execution of John Bellingham’ by Don Wills, Magazine No 14, Winter 1988

‘James Toller’ from Wrycroft’s Almanac, 1901, Magazine No 2, Spring 1983

'George Cornelius Gorham by Dr Joseph Rix', Magazine No 51, November 2002

Information about these three individuals can also be found on many websites simply by entering their names into a search engine. The pictures of John Bellingham and George Cornelius Gorham are from the Norris Museum collections, while that of James Toller is from a postcard issued by Wrycrofts.

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